Insure adequately for the Festive season

By 02/11/2012May 2nd, 2016Three Peaks Blog

Whilst short-term insurance is a grudge purchase and cutting down on daily expenses, in order to pay for your well-deserved holiday and/or expenses associated with the Festive season, may be on your mind; the risk of decreasing your cover far outweighs the benefits.

short term insurance policyFor example; if you were planning a self-drive holiday, you would be increasing your exposure to possible accidental damage as well as theft.
You would also be leaving your home unattended and this would considerably increase your risk of a burglary.
Then there are the smaller things to consider like possibly losing your cell phone while doing Festive season shopping, or the escalation in crimes like for instance bag snatching and pick pocketing over this period.

So how does one prepare for these eventualities?

  • Check that your insurance cover is up to date, with sufficient cover for your vehicle, home and household contents.
  • Make sure your installments are in order and that you haven’t defaulted.
  • Re-evaluate your belongings and ensure that there is enough cover in the event that anything should occur.
  • Ensure that your cover is adequate and that you are not under insured. If your sum insured is less than the replacement value of stolen or damaged items, your claim will be covered on a proportional basis rather than in full.

And if in doubt, contact your short term insurance broker for assistance or queries.

Watch out for our next article with top tips for the Festive season.

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