Our Festive Season Insurance Tips

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The following are a few things to bear in mind, particularly during the festive season:

There has been a marked increase in the number of remote/code jamming claims. Certain insurers have amended policies to specifically exclude these claims. Code jamming prevents you from locking your vehicle with its remote. A simple gate remote is able to jam the frequency. You can try this at home. Hold down a button on your gate remote and simultaneously try to lock or unlock your vehicle with its remote. If it does not work it does not necessarily mean that you are immune, you may simply not have the correct type of gate remote. Many unsuspecting individuals simply walk away from their vehicles and press the button, assuming the vehicle is locked. Please check that this is in fact the case. If not, the criminals have free reign to the contents of your vehicle without looking suspicious. This crime is opportunistic and takes very little effort to prevent. Simply check and make sure your vehicle is locked.

remote jammingCode jamming is likely to increase even further this festive season, with shopping centres being inundated and shoppers possibly making multiple trips to and from their vehicles. Be vigilant, you do not want to lose those valuable Christmas gifts. Whenever and wherever possible make sure these are also out of sight.

If you are buying any goods of a particularly high value, please check with your insurance broker as to whether it should either; be specified, or, if your household contents value is sufficient to cover the item. Also, in the case of expensive audio visual equipment, such as flat screen televisions, do not leave the boxes out with your rubbish bags. Rather break them up and put them with your recycling. Leaving the box whole and with your trash is merely advertising the existence of the item. These items are highly sought after by burglars due to their value and the ease with which they can be removed and sold.

helpful insurance tipsFinally, if you are going away, here are a few things to consider: have your post collected and newspapers picked up; if someone is going to be checking on your home, get them to switch on different lights around the house; make certain your linked alarm is working properly, if you are leaving a vehicle behind, make sure its tracking is functioning, if required, and that all subscriptions are up to date; switch off your geyser; do not leave any items, that may assist would-be burglars lying around, such as ladders or tools.

Please note insurers will not take on new business, with regard to household contents cover, over the festive period. If you are considering obtaining contents cover, we urge you to act quickly.

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